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Just for Fun

This page is dedicated to those of us who see past the bad, and see the good underneath.  Whether it's a lot of rust, or ugly paint, a heap of trash, or when we hear the words "it needs work" or it's "rough" as describing the condition of a car, we still move ahead with strength and honor as gladiator once said. Also with blind faith in the seller too.

We've been there when the car arrives and it's not exactly as described (body panels missing, completely rusted out floors, fire damage, etc.), yet we understand and appreciate the love for the hobby and our mission to keep these cars alive.  Truly a love/hate relationship.   

Keep in mind, that this isn't meant to bash those who may have sold these cars to us, but rather to share with the new VW enthusiasts in order to open their eyes to a little reality: that waiting to find a perfect restoration project car may take some time or never come at all. Leap of faith, perhaps, and of course don't be dumb and waste your money, but by the same token, don't be afraid to pass up the good to go for the great.

Enjoy the scenery! 

(If you have pictures to share of some of the "beauties" you may have purchased, please, by all means, send them and we'll post them. These are just some of our favorites, but by far, nothing like what I've seen elsewhere, so please share.)


63 Standard - Original paint mainly, but so much rust repair, that it was left with 30% OG paint. 


63 Standard - Used as storage for stuff that got wet and rusted the entire cargo floor. 

62 15 Window - Rustier than anticipated, but a cool bus.
62 15 Window - Easy to get rid of contraband while pulling to the side of the road?
65 Panel - Yabba Dabba Doo!