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BBT America

Although the world seems to get smaller thanks to the internet, the reality is that it still takes a bit of time to get things from other parts of the globe. With that said however, BBT of Belgium has given us the privilege of supplying customers here in the U.S. with some of their best products that are well known for their quality and uniqueness.

From the very cool sprint star steel wheels to Westy awnings and poles, BBT has proven its commitment to quality not just through marketing campaigns, but by producing parts that work. Parts that we proudly install on our own vehicles.

In the world of vintage Volkswagens, and in today's economy, it is safe to say that there is a zero tolerance factor when it comes to substandard product and especially when being charged a premium price. To coin the old saying "you get what you pay for" may be true in some cases but not always, and not when some companies are out to make a quick buck and run with it. 

Today, there are just a handful of companies that make quality products for our industry, and quite frankly, they are the fuel to our fiery passion for these cars whether it's to keep them on the road or show them off each year. 

Having been a part of this over the last 20+ years, we personally have seen the evolution of this hobby/habit. We understand how important it is to have choices when it comes to our "needs", but even more when it comes to our "wants".  We hope that we can be the conduit to both your wants and needs.

Please feel free to peruse the BBT online catalog here: http://www.bbt4vw.com/assets/downloads/bbt-catalogue-fr-en.pdf

Let us know what sparks your interest. Every month we will be getting more and more to satisfy our customers' demand.

We look forward to hearing from you.



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