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What a Blast! Look what I found!

Posted on 3rd Jun 2014 @ 9:38 PM

Recently, a friend of mine called the shop and asked if I could swing by Brady Fabrication in Fullerton to check out his double cab that had just come out from having been sandblasted. He wanted me to check it out in order to determine what sheet metal would be needed in order to replace the bad panels. Welllllll, it sure was an eye opener. One of the reasons I prefer to purchase original paint cars, aside from the originality factor and the myriad of patina possibilities, is the fact that bondo and previous repairs can't hide under anything if it's all original. With that said, here are some of the pictures I thought I'd share just to show the untrained eye what can be lurking underneath what might seem like an easy project. From panel patch jobs to fiberglass bed repair panels and down to the typical Swiss cheese rust leftovers, this truck had it all. The good part about all of this though is that the sheet metal IS available to repair what's damaged. Wolfsburg West not only makes a lot of their own panels, which we carry, but they recently received a pretty large supply of Autocraft sheet metal as well. From truck specific panels such as lower, outer rocker panels with the fat seam to full bus side panels to rear corners. It's all available and at decent prices. If you have any questiions or need a quote, please email me or call the shop at 714 997-9373 and let's talk.

Sandblast2.jpg  Sandblast3.jpg  Sandblast4.jpg  Sandblast5.jpg